The review process of articles sent and to be published in the Academy of National Security Sciences consists of two stages:

First step: The members of the editorial board check articles for compliance with the requirements specified in the Guide for Authors . Papers that do not meet these requirements are returned to the authors for review.

Second step: The editorial board transmits the document to two scientific reviewers who assess:

The identity of the author remains unknown to scientific reviewers. Reviewers need to complete an evaluation sheet for the paper.

Based on recommendations made by scientific reviewers, members of the editorial board may make the following decisions:

In each case, the author (s) will be informed of the decision.

Publishing ethics and malpractice

The journal supports the highest standards of publishing ethics and takes all possible measures against any unfair publishing practice.

Authors must submit original papers. Contributions must not be copied or plagiarized, in whole or in part, in other works.