Call for papers

In order to submit an article for evaluation, please do not hesitate to send it to our e-mail address. This is the only valid address for submitting an article!

Once we receive the article, you will receive a confirmation email, thus letting you know that your article has been submitted for review if it complies with the prerequisites presented on this webpage. You will receive an answer about our expert's findings in 45 days.

Please note that we can only publish 8 (10) papers per edition (depending on the total number of pages, the maximum number of items can be increased to 10). If the paper has been received after the maximum number of items has been filled in, you will be informed as to what number will be published.

You will find information about the editing terms in the Authors Guide or download the template.

The authors assume full responsibility for the scientific content and accuracy of the work.

All articles may be subject to editorial review and their amendments. The Editor will not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions made by the author (s).